Disclosure policy

Delete’s Disclosure Policy follows the rules and recommendations of Nasdaq Helsinki; the provisions of the Limited Liability Companies Act, the Securities Markets Act and other relevant legislation; the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation and other lower-level regulations based on it; as well as the guidelines provided by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and the European Securities and Markets Authority.

Delete Group Oyj’s Disclosure Policy describes the policies and procedures in accordance with which Delete operates with regard to different parties on the capital market. The Company aims to ensure that all market parties will have simultaneous and immediate access to essential and sufficient information.

In all its operations, Delete Group Oyj adheres to Finnish and EU legislation, the rules of Nasdaq Helsinki Oy, the guidelines given by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and Delete’s own management policy.

Communication by the Company is based on facts. As a general principle, communication shall be transparent, open, honest, equal and active. The Company shall communicate both positive and negative issues in a consistent way simultaneously to all its stakeholders. The goal is to provide correct and sufficient information regarding the Company’s operations as early as possible. The aim is to provide a realistic view of the Company’s operations, operating environment, strategy, objectives and financial performance.

The duty of disclosure pursuant to EU’s Market Abuse Regulation, the Securities Markets Act and other applicable regulations and guidelines may be divided into a regular and a continuous duty of disclosure. A regular duty of disclosure shall refer to the Company’s duty to provide on a regular basis information regarding its performance and economic situation. This shall apply to the publication of interim reports, half-yearly financial reports, financial statements and notifications regarding financial statements. A continuous duty of disclosure shall refer to all required communication regarding insider information pertaining to the Company, that is, information which in all likelihood would have a significant impact on the price of the Company’s financial instruments, such as its bond and the related financial instruments.

The publication of insider information on the market shall adhere to the following principles:

  1. Insider information shall be published as soon as possible;
  2. In compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation the company shall as soon as possible publish the insider information concerning the company or decide on the delaying the disclosure;
  3. Communication shall take place in a consistent and precise manner so as to enable the recipient to assess the impact of the information on the Company’s economic situation and future;
  4. All stakeholders shall receive the information at the same time and the information shall be made public in a strictly controlled manner: for instance, first Nasdaq Helsinki and the key media and only then other parties;
  5. All notifications shall be published on the Company’s website; and
  6. All information shall be published in Finnish and English.

POLICY 4.7.5b Disclosure Policy Delete Group Oyj