Delete aspires to ”create a cleaner world by helping companies Delete their most dirty problems in a sustainable way” and to be ”the most trusted brand in the relevant geographies and industries served.” Delete specializes in industrial cleaning services, demolition services and recycling services. Delete is divesting the Demolition Services business segment.

Delete’s core markets are Finland and Sweden and during the next few years Delete will focus on further improving its operations and market positions in these markets. However, Delete performs certain projects outside of the core markets mainly for certain key customers and by utilizing partnerships.


  • Strengthening the service offering
  • Geographical expansion
  • Operational efficiency improvements
  • Capturing synergies from integration
  • Selective acquisitions

Delete distinguishes between two types of customer segments: (i) industrial segment, which is typically non-urban and characterized by large projects and long-term relationships, and (ii) construction, real estate and public segment which is typically dominating in more urban areas. Since Delete’s customers are overlapping to some extent between industrial cleaning services, demolition services and recycling services, the Group pursues to realize commercial synergies between the segments, as providing a service in one business segment can generate leads for the other segments. Further, Delete realizes certain operational synergies on equipment and manpower capacity and capabilities within each service area that cuts across the two main customer segments. The construction, real estate and public segment even out the yearly seasonality that is sometimes associated with large industrial cleaning projects.

To support its strategy execution, Delete has in recent years invested significantly in the operations to make sure there is an institutional backbone in place to enable continued profitable growth. Although Delete has already completed a number of acquisitions and grown the business significantly, Delete’s strategy is to continue the consolidation, particularly in Sweden.

At group level, Delete’s customer proposal and competitive advantages consist of the following:

  • Solving any problem: We promise to solve our customers’ largest, most urgent or most complex problems related to environmental services – because we at Delete have both the largest capacity and deepest expertize to meet all requirements even in the tightest of timeframes;
  • Minimizing downtime and optimizing environmental sustainability: We aim to minimize downtime and optimize environmental sustainability – in all situations. Downtime is minimized through e.g.:
    • Flexible resourcing solutions to support continued 24/7 operations in large shutdowns;
    • Continuous development of new cleaning methods (e.g. Bang&Clean boiler cleaning, non-dusting kiln refractory removal) and piloting of new tools;
    • A large fleet with different types of machines providing flexibility and minimizing potential bottlenecks caused by the response time of the cleaning equipment;
    • Pre-planning and detailed resourcing for shutdown projects; and
    • Digital solutions for industry.
  • Proactive advice: We provide our customers with proactive advice on how to optimize and systematize their projects (demolition project planning, shut down planning and recycling planning); and
  • Efficiency: We strive to have the most efficient processes of all our competitors.