Delete’s strategy for 2021–2024

Delete Group is one of the leading environmental full-service providers in the Nordic countries, a specialist that works for a more functioning and cleaner society. We want to be the most trusted and efficient brand in the geographical areas most important to us and in the industries of our customers. Our goal is to grow faster than the market.

We focus on Cleaning services

After we divested our Demolition Services at the beginning of 2021, and Recycling Services in summer 2022, we now focus on Cleaning Services.

We provide our customers in the industrial sector, construction and real estate and the public sector with cleaning services that are critical to their operations. We maintain security of supply by helping the industry to optimise its production and cities and municipalities to keep the infrastructure in good condition and the living environment comfortable.

The cornerstones of our strategy

  • Safety and environmental friendliness in our daily operations
  • Fostering long-standing customer relations
  • Broadening our customer base with existing and adjacent services
  • The ability to solve even the most challenging problems of our customers
  • Agile and effective processes

Market areas

The main markets for Delete are Finland and Sweden. We are developing our business operations and strengthening our market position especially in these markets, but we also offer services for our customers elsewhere in Europe.

Market trends supporting our business operations

The main market trends that support our Cleaning Services business area are urbanization and the aging building stock and infrastructure in cities. The maintenance and cleaning of cities, sewage systems, roads and bridges makes them more pleasant and prevents problems. Growing environmental awareness and increasingly tightening regulation increase the demand for specialist competence on cleaning services.

Our values

Our business areas and corporate culture are built on our values, namely; entrepreneurship, professionalism, trust, safety and sustainability.