Business segment

Delete Group is one of the leading environmental full-service providers in the Nordic countries, a specialist that works for a more functioning and cleaner society. We want to be the most trusted and efficient brand in the geographical areas most important to us and in the industries of our customers. Our goal is to grow faster than the market.

Industrial Cleaning Services

In terms of net sales, Delete is the largest provider of industrial cleaning services in Finland. The Group aims to expand its business in Sweden, where it is currently one of the largest players in the field.

Industrial Cleaning Services segment consists of a comprehensive industrial services offering as well as property services, such as high-power vacuuming and blowing services, industrial shutdown and maintenance, exposure vacuuming of sewers and well emptying, industrial cleaning, blast cleaning services and washing and cleaning of facades. Most of the revenue is related to ongoing plant cleaning, shutdown maintenance cleaning, as well as sewage services. The Group provides services of all sizes, from entire factories down to the smallest cleaning jobs on a production line. Delete has an extensive network of production sites covering Finland and Sweden.

The key value proposition to customers in the Industrial Cleaning Services segment includes capabilities and scale to handle highly complex maintenance shutdowns on schedule, secure and fast response time to minimise costly process interruptions, and ability to offer precautionary services to minimise downtime and services that can be carried out even while the plant is in full operation.

Key equipment and vehicles fleet within the Cleaning Services segment include 73 combi units, 9 camera units, 86 high-power vacuum units, 39 chassis and 104 high-pressure units.