Risk management

Risk management is a continuous process of assessment, planning, governance and controls relating to personnel, assets, business operations and responsibility. The purpose of risk management is to prevent or minimise the impact of risks. Delete Group’s Management Team carries out annual risk management assessment, which is reviewed by the Board of Directors. The goal of the annual risk analysis is to identify high-level risks and draw up plans to mitigate them. Risk management measures are constantly reviewed and updated on the basis of the analysis. Risk management actions are approved by the company’s Board of Directors.

Delete Group’s key risks are divided into operational, financing and strategic risks.

Operational risks are mainly related to project execution and integration of acquired businesses both in terms of quality and finances. Internal control is under constant development to improve preventive measures.

Financing risks are mainly related to interest rates, credit and liquidity.

Other uncertainties are related to the market environment, the successful implementation of the Group’s growth strategy and related corporate acquisitions, the integration of the acquired companies, and to the personnel and recruitments.