CEO and the Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

The Company’s Board of Directors appoints the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO is responsible for the daily management of the Company’s administration according to the guidelines and instructions given by the Board. In addition, the CEO is responsible for ensuring that the Company’s accounting has been carried out according to applicable laws and that asset management has been organized in a reliable manner. The CEO manages the Company’s daily business and is responsible for controlling and steering the business areas.

Name: Background:
Tommi Kajasoja

Born 1974, M. Sc. (Eng.)

Chief Executive Officer (2018)

Delete Finland Oy, Country Manager and Managing Director, (2016–)

YTP, Member of the Board (2017-04/2021)

Barona Oy, Member of the Board (2020-)

Delete Finland Oy, Business Area Director, Industrial & Property Services (2014–2016)

Maintpartner Group Oy, Vice President, Sales & Marketing (2013–2014),
President, Expert Services (2012–2014),
President, Baltic Countries (2012–2014),
Head of Business Development (2010–2012)

Maintpartner AB, Country President & Managing Director (2010–2011)

Maintpartner Oy, Vice President, West & North Finland region (2008–2010) and Manager, Business Development & Improvement, Finland (2007–2008)

ABB Service, various managerial positions in Finland and New Zealand (2000–2007)

Group Management team

In the operative management of the Group, the CEO of the Company is assisted by other members of the Group’s management. The tasks and responsibilities of the management include for example investment planning, specifying and preparing the Group’s strategic guidelines, allocating resources and routine controlling functions. The management of the Group is presented in the table below.

Name: Background:
Ville Mannola

Born 1979, M. Sc. (Econ.)

Chief Financial Officer (2017)

GS-Hydro Corporation, Group CFO (2015–2017)

GS-Hydro Corporation, Director, Group Finance (2014–2015)

GS-Hydro Corporation, Group Controller (2010–2013)

Marioff Corporation, Head of Group Financial Planning and Analyses (2008–2010)

Henri Pesonen

Born 1982, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Delete Ympäristöpalvelut Oy, Business Area Director and CEO (2018–)

Delete Finland Oy, Business Controller, Demolition Services and Recycling Services (2015–2018)

Stanley Security Oy, Business Controller (2010–2015)

Oxford Instruments Analytical Oy, Financial Analyst (2007–2010)

Raimo Huhtala

Born 1961, Eng.

Business Area Director, Cleaning Services, Finland (2016–)

Delete Finland Oy, Region Manager (2015 – 2016)

Maintpartner Oy, Director of Purchasing (2012 – 2014), Business

Area Director (2008 – 2012), Region Director (2007 – 2008)

Empower Oy, Business Area Manager (2001 – 2008)

KSValo Asennus Oy, CEO (1999 – 2001)

Keski-Suomen Valo Oy, Business Unit Director (1997 – 1999), Operations Engineer (1989 – 1997)

Imatran Voima Oy, Design Engineer (1986 – 1989)

Kymi-Strömberg Oy, Testing Engineer (1985 – 1986)

Janika Vilkman

Born 1980, LL.M.

General Counsel (2013–)

EY, Legal Counsel (2012– 2013)

Fondia Oy, Legal Counsel (2010–2012)

Ernst & Young Oy, Legal Counsel (2007–2010)

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Oy, Assisting Legal Counsel (2006–2007)

Peter Revay

Born 1972

Country Manager and Managing Director, Delete Sweden AB (2019–)

Delete Sweden CEO Peter Revay

Tunga Lyft AB, Chief Executive Officer (2016–2019)

ONE Nordic AB, Business Unit Manager (2015–2016)

Maintpartner AB. Managing Director (2010–2014)

Cardo AB, Purchasing Director (2008–2010)

SPX Flow Technology, Purchasing Director (2005–2008)

Juha Kettunen

Born 1975, M.Sc. (Eng) Mechanical Engineer

Commercial Director

Kaupallinen johtaja Juha Kettunen


Saalasti Oy Head of Sales, Vice President 2019­–2021

Saalasti Oy CEO 2016–2019

Saalasti Oy Head of Sales and Vice President 2011–2016

Saalasti Oy CTO 2008–2011

Saalasti Oy R/D Engineer 2000–2008