Corporate Governance

In its decision making and administration, Delete Group Oyj applies the Finnish Companies Act (624/2006, as amended), Finnish Securities Markets Act (746/2012, as amended) as well as rules and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Delete Group Oyj primarily follows the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015, with few exceptions due to its ownerships structure. These exceptions relate to, among others, rules regarding annual general meetings. Pursuant to the provisions of the Finnish Companies Act and the Issuer’s articles of association, responsibility for the control and management of the Issuer is divided between the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Shareholders participate in the control and management of the Issuer through resolutions passed at General Meetings of Shareholders.

Legal Structure

The Delete Group’s parent company Delete Group Oyj fully owns Ax DEL2 Oy which, in turn, fully owns Delete Oy, the parent company of the operating subsidiaries of the Group. Delete Oy has twelve subsidiaries and the subsidiaries are mainly operated through the two national entities Delete Finland Oy and Delete Sweden AB. The following chart sets forth the current legal structure of the Group.


Corporate Governance Statement 2018

POLICY 4.3.1b Delete Group Code of conduct

POLICY 4.7.5b Disclosure Policy Delete Group Oyj

POLICY 4.8.1 Delete Remuneration Policy