The number of registered shares in Delete Group Oyj is 1,085,859,500 P-shares and 308,964,900 C-shares. Each share carries one vote. The Group is owned by Ax DEL Oy (<90 % of the shares) and a group of key employees and other minority investors (>10%). The Group does not hold any of its own shares.

Ax DEL Oy (established 26 August 2013, business identity code 2565167-8) is a limited liability company established under Finnish law with its domicile in Helsinki, Finland. In accordance with its articles of association, the company invests in other companies, holds shares and other financial instruments in other companies, finances other companies and conducts other business activities materially related to the aforementioned activities. According to the articles of association of Ax DEL Oy, the company has a share capital of EUR 2,500, which is fully paid. The company has issued a total of 5,045,054,660 shares. The shares in Ax DEL Oy are held by Axcel’s Axcel IV K/S, Axcel IV K/S 2, Ax Management Invest II K/S and Ax Management Invest K/S and Omnes Capital’s CAA 2013.

Axcel is a Nordic based private equity investor founded in 1994 focusing on mid-market companies. Axcel focuses on industrial, business services, IT & technology, consumer and retail sectors. Axcel has six funds with committed capital more than EUR 2.8 billion. The funds are advised by Axcel Management A/S. Investors in the funds include banks, pension funds and life insurers, corporates and foundations as well as funds-of-funds, asset managers and government sponsored funds.